UBC Leadership Training

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America is one of the leading Unions in North America. With a 140-year history, millions of highly trained tradespersons have contributed to a advancing workforce and partnerships with contractors and business professionals.

The UBC is leading the way in education and training. Trainings through the UBC allow us to support and equip our MRCC Members with skills that make them stand out in today’s construction industry.

The UBC’s Department of Education and Training (DET) helps members become leaders, supportive members on a working crew, and stand out union-employees on a jobsite. Thousands of MRCC staff and members have taken part in DET’s leadership courses. Courses are hosted at the International Training Center in Las Vegas, in a state-of-the-art meeting and training facility.

Journeylevel Leadership Program: Building leadership for a strong future

This is a four-day program for Journeylevel tradespersons who are ready to be leaders on the jobsite. Journeylevel workers develop leadership, mentoring, coaching, and communication skills, and learn to engage with newer members and lead by example, all while promoting positive work environments and productivity on the job.

3rd Year Apprentice Program: Helping build our industries 

At the 3rd Year Apprentice Program, seasoned Apprentice gain a great understanding of the Union and  the construction industry, and of the role Union Members play in the success of both. Apprentice learn how professionalism, productivity, and attitude contribute to their success and to the success of the contractors that employ them.


Collaborative Leadership: Building jobsite leaders 

The Collaborative Leadership program is a 3-day program designed to give foremen level employees and higher the tool necessary to improve production, morale, and more on jobsites. This program focuses on leadership, communication, coaching, and collaboration among those involved in the building of projects.