Floor Layers

Laying the Groundwork

Floor layers install carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate, and turf. From simple carpet installations to complicated inlay, floor layers enhance the aesthetics and safety of our buildings

Floor coverings serve an important basic function in buildings, but their decorative qualities also contribute to the building’s appeal. From simple carpet installation to complicated inlay or engineered wood floors, floor installers enhance the beauty and worth of our homes, offices, and municipal buildings.

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Floor Layer Curriculum

This course teaches the standard skills needed for resilient flooring and carpet installers. Subjects addressed in this course are: general hand and power tools, jobsite check procedures, material handling, patching and leveling, wood underlayment, pattern matching, resilient wall base, moisture and alkalinity awareness, and other subjects dealing with the basics in floor covering.
This course teaches the basics of carpet laying starting with the manufacturing process and the fundamentals of the different carpets used in the industry today. This course also deals with the different cutting techniques and addresses CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) standards.
This course teaches how to measure and layout an area. Students will learn to measure using square feet and square yards to minimize waste and produce the correct cut sizes for an area. The student will also learn seaming techniques for direct glue, double glue, and strip and pad installations.
This course teaches the student how to correctly install all types of carpet and deals with proper stretching techniques, borders for stretch carpet and glue-down carpet, and other aspects of carpet installation.
This course is dedicated entirely to installation of carpet on stairs. Every stair configuration is considered and is addressed using several different methods of installation.
This course teaches layout and installation of vinyl tile. Included in this, students will learn straight & diagonal layouts and installations, custom work and fitting around irregular objects, advanced layout techniques using level and transit, and an introduction of arcs and patterns.
This course starts with the manufacturing process of resilient products. Various installation methods are addressed, including hand-fitting and flat-lay pattern scribing. The installation of stair stringers, treads, and risers are focused on in this course, as well.
This course expands upon the information learned in Vinyl I, and progresses into topics such as Linoleum and Rubber flooring manufacturing and installation. Direct scribing and resilient repairs are also taught. In preparation for the upcoming flash cove installation courses, students will learn flash cove trim installation.
This course teaches the various methods of pattern scribing flash cove sheet goods. The two main installation methods addressed in this course are Flash Cove Full Pattern Method and Flash Cove T-Template Method. Heat welding training is addressed as well.
This course continues with the flash cove installation and focuses on the advanced methods of flash cove and heat welding. Modified V-Plugs, V-Plugs and Boot Plug outside corner treatments are addressed with hand fitting and pattern scribing installation techniques.
In this course, students will learn advanced methods of inlay carpet. Each student will produce an inlay rug, which they will keep. Sculpturing of carpet and rugs using air carvers will be taught as well, and used on their projects as the finishing touch.
This course teaches the preparation and installation of hardwood and laminate flooring following National Wood Flooring Association Criteria.
Floor Layer Training Locations

Detroit Union Carpenters & Millwrights Training Center
11687 American Ave
Detroit, MI 42804

Wayland Carpenter & Millwright Apprentice Training Center
500 Reno Drive
Wayland, MI 49348
(269) 561-8115

Resilient Floor & General Curriculum
Participants will begin by learning about the characteristics of concrete so as to better understand the treatments of grinding and polishing concrete to a decorative finish. They will learn how to set up and maintain the machinery used in grinding and polishing, as well as the various steps needed to take the process from the beginning stages to a completed project. Various staining and artwork procedures are addressed as well.
These certification classes are intended to test the proficiencies of floor covering installers. The certifications are conducted with the goal of ensuring that the necessary skills are assessed. The assessments given are based on exact industry standards. INSTALL certifications can be earned in three areas: INSTALL Carpet Certification, INSTALL Resilient Certification, and INSTALL Surface Prep Certification.

General Curriculum
This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of basic math for whole, mixed, and compound numbers as well as fractions. Learning to figure areas of geometry shapes and their perimeters will be taught.
An introductory course into print reading. Training will be done through the Koel and Toenjes workbooks, the study of lines, symbols, and terms, researching 4 sets of blueprints and 4 drawing exercises.
OSHA 10 & 30
The OSHA Construction Safety and Health Outreach Training Program provides training for workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in workplaces.
Participants will learn how to recognize, respond to and care for breathing complications, cardiovascular emergencies, and-life threatening situations.

Other Classes Available
This course teaches how to use AutoCAD and how it relates to the CNC router machine. Knowledge of computer basics is required.
This course teaches the use of the CNC Router machine. Basic computer knowledge and CAD/CAM experience are required for this course.