Building a foundation for success

Our Training Programs are what makes us stand out as tradespersons compared to non-union outfitters. All five of our Training Centers located across Michigan provide you with the skills for a life long career.

Apprenticeships allow workers to earn a living wage while learning. Our four-year Apprentice programs help develop the skills needed to succeed, work higher paying jobs, and be the best in the industry.

Each person enrolled in a Apprenticeship Program, specializes in one craft, Millwright, Carpenter, or Floor Layer. Each craft contains certain class requirements and schedules. If you have questions about the differences between each craft, please reach out to a Training Center for details.

Real-time training reports

Training Verification Card (TVC)

Each new Apprentice receives a Training Verification Card in the mail upon registration in the TRAIN system. Members use the camera on their phone to scan the QR code on their card to review any upcoming training scheduled. Members can view member status, training history, upcoming training schedule, and all current qualifications and certifications through their TVC.

For more information on Training Verification Cards, click here to download a TVC Information Sheet.



Check out what our Apprentice are saying below
If I was to restart my life right after high school, the first thing I would do was walk into the Union Hall and sign up. It has been a huge life changer. I went from barely scraping by to graduating from program, bought a house last year, got a family going. It is an opportunity you can’t get anywhere else. I highly recommend joining right out of the gate.
Kale O'Neil Journeylevel Millwright, 2022 graduate
You walk out of college with debt and no promise of a job. You walk out of the apprenticeship school with a skilled trade, no debt and the ability to work anywhere in the country. The experience is priceless. The carpentry apprentice school has paid dividends. You can’t break the bond of brotherhood in this union.
John Salvas Graduate of Apprenticeship Program
The apprenticeship means I’m part of something bigger than myself. It means I have a huge union family and skills to take care of myself.
Vancey Pruitt Millwright Apprentice, 3rd year